How to … Tutu

On a recent trip to New Orleans for a photography conference, I was shopping around for some new photo props (this is one of my favorite parts of being a baby photographer).  There I was standing wide-eyed in the middle of a million square foot convention center lined with every photography-related product that you’ve ever heard of (and many many more).   Feeling a bit overwhelmed, I headed straight for the most innocent-looking stand of all … the tutu stand.  It was then and there that I realized just how easy it is to make tutus!  Here’s how … to tutu.

You’ll need a band.  This one looks small, but it easily stretches around my waist.  I bought this at CVS for less than a dollar (it came in a pack of 3).

black tutu band

Next, you’ll need a pair of scissors.

scissors for tutu projectFinally, the most important thing you’ll need is tulle!  I bought this 6″ by 25 yds. roll at A.C. Moore for about $2.50.

tulle for easy to make tutu

Tadaaaaa!   I made this tutu by cutting the tulle into 12″ sections and then tying it around the stretchy band so that there’s 6″ hanging on both sides (inside and outside).  I probably should have taken a close up photograph of me tying the knot, but honestly, you just tie the tulle around the band and you’re done.  It’s that simple!  Notice, I didn’t go all the way around the band.  The reason I did this is because babies find tulle kind of itchy, and since babies are usually laying down when I’m photographing them, I don’t need the tulle to go all the way around the tutu.  If it goes all the way around it just annoys them and an annoyed baby leads to a sweaty photographer and an unhappy mom or dad.

pink tutu very easy to make

For older baby girls who are sitting up or even teetering around on their feet, I like using tutus with a full-circumference-style.  Here’s a purple tutu I made with another 6″ by 25 yds. roll of tulle.  I didn’t tie the knots as tight and so I was able to go all the way around the band!  purple tutu on dark wood floor

What do you think?  Easy, right?  Have you ever been shopping for something and realized you could just make it on your own?  It’s a great feeling!

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