When clients become friends

I’m not going to lie, I love these people!  It’s times like these that I marvel at how fortunate I am to have this business and to make photographs of awesome families.  As you can see, I’m still catching up on my blogging from before Christmas.  Sorry about that!  As promised, I am trying to be a better blogger in 2013.  Could she be any cuter?  Her brother, Butters, the french bulldog is pretty cute too

Hughes-6985 copy 2Hughes-6934 copyHughes-6928 copyHughes-7015 copy 2Hughes-7043-2 copy 2 Hughes-7056 copyHughes-7163 copy 2 Hughes-7077 copy 2 Hughes-7083 copy 2Hughes-7096 copy 2Hughes-7191 copyHughes-7231-2 copy 2 Hughes-7275 copyHughes-7304 copy 2 Hughes-7318 copy Hughes-7323 copy 2 Hughes-7340 copy 2Hughes-7375 copy 2 Hughes-7378 copyHughes-7413bw copy 2 Hughes-7451 copy Hughes-7478 copy 2 Hughes-7482 copy 2Hughes-7490 copy 2 Hughes-7498 copy 2 Hughes-7512 copy 2 Hughes-7516 copy 2 Hughes-7561 copy Hughes-7574 copy Hughes-7582 copy 2 Hughes-7586 copy 2Hughes-7605 copy 2 Hughes-7628 copyHughes-7666 copy 2Hughes-7658 copy 2


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