Rolleiflex Film Photos of Utah

I freaking love film.  It’s where I started —  by learning about the magic of photography in a darkroom, and with painfully slow trial and error.  When I got my first “professional” digital camera I was blown away at the ease of use but I’ve always missed the nostalgic side of film.  The excitement of finally getting your film back from the lab, the tangible side of it, wondering if you nailed the exposure, if there were any light leaks or if you didn’t stand still enough while composing that one image.  I love the limiting way 12, 24 or 36 exposures makes you stop and think more about what you’re doing.  It’s like a nod to the preciousness of time.  The colors and tones, the grain, the saturation, softness, graceful highlights.  I could go on…

So this year I’ve been trying to shoot more film so that I can continue to experience a little of that magic.  Film takes much more work, but I just freaking love the look of it.

These are scans shot with my 1949 Rolleiflex TLR 3.5 …

01-011 copy01-002 copy01-004 2 copy01-005 copy 01-006 copy01-009 2 copy 01-009 copy 01-007 copy01-004 copy01-010 2 copy 01-010 3 copy 01-010 copy

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