Newborn Baby Olivia

Olivia was such a joy to photograph.  Her adorable brother, Augie, quickly picked up his own camera to help me document this special occasion of welcoming home Olivia.

I so love this family!!  Congratulations Leah and John!!

DSC_5140 copyDSC_5131 copy

I’ve tried to make a habit out of capturing something that reflects the season in which the baby was born.  Sweet Olivia was born during that time of summer when you put your homegrown tomatoes on the kitchen window-sill to ripen.   DSC_5388 copyDSC_5147 copy DSC_5150 copy DSC_5154 copy DSC_5157 copy DSC_5165 copy DSC_5167 copy DSC_5182 copy DSC_5187 copy DSC_5196 copy DSC_5198 copy DSC_5208 copy DSC_5224 copyDSC_5209 copyDSC_5230 copy DSC_5237 copy DSC_5243 copy DSC_5248 copy DSC_5249 copy DSC_5251 copy DSC_5269 copy DSC_5294 copy DSC_5322 copyDSC_5330 copyDSC_5363 copy DSC_5365 copy DSC_5334 copyDSC_5377 copy DSC_5383 copyLooking forward to capturing some more images of the whole family this fall!


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