{ March 2013 Style Guide }

The session is booked, the date is selected, the next question is …. “Regina, holdup, what should we wear!?!”.  I LOVE talking about this stuff!  I do find, however, that it can be a source of stress for many clients.  So in an effort to alleviate some of that, every month I’m going to feature a style guide that should hopefully inspire and create an even better experience for everyone!  OK, first tip, ladies first …

March 2013 what to wear Woman

Most of the time (98% of the time, really) I’m talking to Moms about this fun stuff.  So, decide what you want to wear and then style your family around what YOU would feel most beautiful and comfortable wearing.  This sample is great because it shows the way you can select colors that compliment each other without being too fixed on a particular shade of a particular color.  I love the way the mint (super ‘in’ color for spring) heels work with the lavender dress.  This example is certainly more dressed-up, but you could totally dress it down with a pair of flats and by swapping out the necklace for a scarf (my favorite!) if that’s more your style.

March 2013 what to wear Family

This family is stylin’!  The color palate here is inspired by dad’s shirt.  LOVE . IT.  Also,  how cute is that bow-tie?  The best part of these style ideas is that they’re from Old Navy and … “adorable AND affordable” (holla!).

Love what you see?  Click here for a full list of where to buy: March Where to Buy.  Also keep in mind that I’m a BIG, no make that HUGE, fan of the family that doesn’t want to worry about this stuff at all since their main goal is to document a normal, everyday, real life-type-of-a-scenario session.  These are just some ideas!  The main thing is to at least put some thought into it in order to maximize your happiness with the resulting images.  🙂  Waahoo!  Can’t wait for my March photo sessions!

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