January 2014 Business Book: Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

Everybody should read this book — both men and women.  In just over 200 powerful pages, Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, lays down the facts about the inequality that still exists between men and women in our world today.  Through her personal stories (she was also a VP at Google) Sandberg challenges women to “lean in” and screw the stereotypes, “with a smile on your face, of course”.


I admit that I was one of the people Goldberg negatively refers to who would think about other women’s lives and wonder, “how does she do it all?”.  I don’t have children yet, but many of my friends do and I look forward to it although it seems terrifying.  Goldberg points out that it’s impossible to “do it all” and we must learn to be a perfectionist in only the things that really matter.


Sharing home/child-care and financial responsibilities with your partner is key because not only does it make sense, studies show that it “leads to less guilty moms, more involved dads, and thriving children” (p. 24).  It’s ok (and possible) to love your family AND love your job AND have happy, healthy kids.

I want my niece to grow up in a world where her professional ambition is not optional, but expected just the way men’s is expected.  So that she can truly do whatever she wants to do without any internal or external stereotype hanging over her head like a dark cloud.  Can you imagine how many more female CEOs we would have if this is how we raised all our children?

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