:: Cool Carrie Keplinger ::

Gosh, I love this gal!  Carrie and I worked together at Montgomery Media several years ago.  She was the editor of Art Matters (one of the monthly publications), and I was one of the photojournalists for the weekly newspapers.  Our relationship flourished when I fled the editorial section of the papers to get away from some of the weirdos, and set up shop near her desk.  She has a wonderful, warm energy, and even though we have both moved on to new jobs I love that we have kept in touch.  These days, Carrie is a rockstar e-book editor.  So she needed a few portraits for her web site.  Check her out here:  Enjoy!

PS … Carrie … please don’t hold back.  Any grammatical errors here in this post?  I feel like I can’t keep up with how we’re supposed to right write the word website these days.  Is it Web site?  website? web site?  I’m sure your heart rate is picking up right now… wondering how it’s possible that I’m not 100% sure about this.  🙂

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