Baby Simon’s Homebirth

I woke up chilly under the covers since we lost power the day before, and groggily reached for the lightswitch in the bathroom to brush my teeth forgetting that the electricity was still out.  That’s when I heard my cell phone bing in the bedroom (thank goodness I charged it the night before at my parents’ house).  It was a text message from the dad-to-be letting me know that Mindi’s contractions were getting intense and I should head over to their house soon.  I brewed a quick cup of coffee to go, grabbed my camera bag that had been packed for about a month in anticipation of this moment, and sprinted out the door (trying not to slip on ice).  These photos tell the story of what happened over the course of the beautiful day Baby Simon entered the world…

OriginPhoto-Simon-312 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-6 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-8 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-10 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-24 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-13 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-40 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-14 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-17 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-22 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-114 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-23 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-29 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-5 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-31 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-32 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-35 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-37 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-38 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-39 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-41 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-42 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-44 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-45 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-48 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-111 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-50 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-52 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-61 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-57 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-63 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-64 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-65 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-66 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-67 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-69 copy This cat’s name is Pusstina.  Hilarious.OriginPhoto-Simon-72 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-73 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-74 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-75 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-77 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-80 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-81 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-82 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-83 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-87 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-89 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-90 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-91 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-94 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-95 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-97 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-59 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-99 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-100 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-103 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-105 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-108 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-112 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-115 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-118 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-121 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-122 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-123 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-124 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-126 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-137 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-138 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-139 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-143 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-145 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-148 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-150 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-152 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-153 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-157 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-162 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-165 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-169 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-173 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-174 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-175 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-180 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-182 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-184 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-186 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-187 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-188 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-190 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-196 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-197 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-198 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-202 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-210 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-212 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-215 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-218 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-219 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-221 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-224 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-225 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-228 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-230 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-237 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-239 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-243 copy This is when one of the cats attacked the midwife for taking the baby from Momma….another memorable moment.  OriginPhoto-Simon-244 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-245 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-246 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-247 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-248 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-250 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-253 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-257 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-258 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-266 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-271 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-276 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-277 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-282 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-290 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-298 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-304 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-308 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-309 copy

Baby Simon did a total flip at some point while en utero, which resulted in this knot in his umbilical cord.  Very interesting and unusual, according to the midwives!!  OriginPhoto-Simon-281 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-310 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-313 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-317 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-318 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-320 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-321 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-322 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-324 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-326 copy

That’s a NINE pound baby folks!!!!!
OriginPhoto-Simon-331 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-327 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-334 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-335 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-274 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-339 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-340 copy Jack running to meet his brand new baby brother…OriginPhoto-Simon-343 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-345 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-346 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-349 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-351 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-360 copyOriginPhoto-Simon-357 copy OriginPhoto-Simon-366 copy 2 OriginPhoto-Simon-368 copy 2OriginPhoto-Simon-385 copy 2

Thank you for hiring me to document Baby Simon’s birth!  And thank you, Big Brother Jack, for taking my picture with your new camera …OriginPhoto-Simon-389 copy 2

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