Baby Matthew’s Birth Story

After about 2 straight weeks of thinking this momma was going to go into labor at any second, it was a pretty awesome phone call to receive the news that active labor had begun and this baby was on his way!

Baby Matthew was born at The Bryn Mawr Birth Center and welcomed by his big brother, Jacob.  Congratulations to the new family of four!!

RM2_4033 copy
RM2_4055 copyRM1_3223 copyRM2_4028 copyRM1_2963 copyRM1_2979 copy RM1_2983 copy RM1_2988 copy RM2_4068 copyRM1_3002-2 copyRM2_4080 copyRM2_4065 copy

This Momma labored beautifully and barely grimaced at all throughout all the contractions and even while pushing.  She was incredible!  RM2_4082 copyRM2_4136 copyRM1_3003 copy RM1_3009 copy RM1_3013 copy RM1_3016-2 copy RM2_4149 copyRM1_3025 copy RM1_3028 copy RM1_3037 copy RM1_3038 copy RM1_3043 copy RM1_3059 copy RM1_3069 copy I love this quite moment as the afternoon light streams in the windows.RM1_3090 copy RM1_3103 copy RM1_3104 copy RM1_3118 copy RM1_3126 copy RM1_3133-2 copyRM1_3146 copy RM1_3152 copy RM1_3158 copy RM1_3163 copy RM1_3166-2 copyRM1_3179 copy RM1_3207 copy RM1_3208 copy RM1_3220RM1_3233 copy RM1_3236 copy RM1_3257 copy RM1_3261 copyRM2_4171 copy RM2_4195 copyRM2_4207 copyRM2_4241 copy

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