August 2013 Business Book :: Do Cool Sh*t by Miki Agrawal

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This month’s business book was a departure from last month’s How to Win Friends and Influence People since this book is HOT off the presses and just came out this month.  I found it to be a quick, easy and enjoyable read.  The author, Miki Agrawal, is a fascinating young person (the kind who makes you think, sh*t, what the heck have I done with my life???) and successful social entrepreneur.  When she was 26, with zero restaurant experience, she opened a farm-to-table pizza restaurant in Manhattan.  She speaks several languages, was a professional soccer player, burnt-out investment banker and now her and her twin sister have started a new company called THINX.  See what I mean?  She’s pretty amazing!

DSC_8696 copyIn this book, Miki walks you through how she was able to start her own successful business.  I loved her style of writing since she was very relatable and made me feel like I was listening to her just tell her story over a pizza pie with a group of friends.  When dealing with challenges she faces them head-on and tackles them with gusto and even joy.

One of the things I loved reading about were her “guerrilla marketing” techniques.  When she wanted to get the word out to the neighborhood that her pizza restaurant would be opening soon, she printed a personal message on nice card-stock that looked hand-written and personally took 3 or 4 days to sneak her way into the apartment buildings and slip them under the doors of her potential patrons.

Her personality is awesome and I found her story to be very inspiring!  After reading this business book, I want to work harder and continue to do cool sh*t.  Thank you, Miki!!

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