2013 Chestnut Hill Fall for the Arts Festival

As usual this year’s Fall for the Arts Festival was a fun-filled day of meeting new people, and catching up with past clients and friends.  Thanks for stopping by our booth to say hello!IMG_7417RM2_0890 copy

This year I finally had some official Origin Photo balloons made!  Due to the helium shortage though, I don’t think I’ll be doing helium balloons next time.  Lollipops maybe?RM2_0892 copyRM2_0897 copy

Cute baby Charlie with his pursed lips!!

RM2_0934 copyRM2_0917 copyRM2_0914 copyRM2_0912 copyRM2_0911 copyRM2_0904 copyRM2_0902 copyRM2_0901 copyRM2_0947 copy

Suddenly the sky got really dark…

RM2_0948 copy

And I barely noticed when it started to rain a little bit around 4:30 because my brother, James, and his girlfriend, Dara, stopped by for a visit!

RM2_0949 copy

Then it really started to rain!!RM2_0955 copy

Chase was hiding under the table because he was scared.

RM2_0958 copyRM2_0960 copy

The little yellow dot on the radar happened to be passing right over us!

RM2_0962 copyRM2_0963 copyRM2_0964 copyRM2_0965 copyRM2_0969 copy

It got really crazy!  I managed to save most of my samples, but a couple things got drenched.  I felt so bad for the artists who were next to me.  Everyone had a pretty good attitude about it though.  What can you do??RM2_0971 copyIMG_7425IMG_7427IMG_7429IMG_7432IMG_7435

The rain didn’t even bother me that much because it was such a fun day, and I’m so thankful to those who stopped by!!  I hope you had a relaxing weekend that did not include getting caught in this rainstorm!

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