Yellow Labradors Who Will Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

Teddy and Henry are a couple of the best behaved dogs I’ve ever photographed!  Check out their sweet faces…good boys.

RM2_6109 copyRM1_6373 copy RM1_6407 copyRM1_6387 copy RM1_6394 copyRM1_6414 copy RM1_6433 copyRM1_6411 copyRM2_6047 copy RM2_6164 copyRM2_6052 copy RM2_6053 copy RM2_6058 copy RM2_6062 copyRM2_6110 copy RM2_6141 copyRM2_6155 copyRM2_6169 copy RM2_6186 copy

This one likes to shower!RM2_6198 copy RM2_6201 copy RM2_6208 copyRM2_6299-Edit copy

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