Winter Maternity Session … Spring Newborn Session!

This Mama and I share a special bond since we were pregnant and due at similar times.  I photographed her while I was huffing and puffing at 38 weeks and then marveled at her newborn when my own was tucked in at home with Dada.  Congratulations to this beautiful family!!

Winter-Spring-RoizmanRoizman-Maternity-31 copyRoizman-Maternity-37 copyRoizman-Newborn-4 copyRoizman-Newborn-5 copyRoizman-Newborn-6 copyRoizman-Newborn-8 copyRoizman-Newborn-18 copyRoizman-Newborn-21 copyRoizman-Newborn-44 copyRoizman-Newborn-53 copyRoizman-Newborn-55 copyRoizman-Newborn-61 copyRoizman-Newborn-66 copyRoizman-Newborn-82 copyRoizman-Newborn-85 copyRoizman-Newborn-99 copyRoizman-Newborn-111 copy

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