{ What to Wear? :: Spring Inspired }

Have a session booked for this Spring, but you’re not sure what to wear?  Here’s a fun little guide from Inspire Me Baby that will surely give you some ideas!  The wardrobe question is always a good one and it’s something that I think is an important component to a successful shoot especially for a family photo shoot.  While I love telling clients to dress their kids in their normal, everyday clothes for individual kid portraits, when it comes to family photos it’s important to think about how all of the colors and textures and styles speak to each other.  Don’t worry, though!  It’s not as hard as it sounds!  Notice the color palette in this little guide.


The family is dressed using similar colors that work well together.  They’re not too “matchy-matchy” (think white button-downs and blue-jeans on the beach … uh!), yet they all compliment each other.  Each of these items can be found at Old Navy (which happens to be having a great dress sale at the moment!), Piperlime.com (which features FREE SHIPPING)  and good ol’ Target.  Happy Spring!!

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