Welcome Baby Nicholas!

I photographed this family before they moved to the suburbs last year and then again this year to document baby #2.  It’s awesome being able to tell a more complete story by capturing some maternity photos before the newborn session!  Check out this gorgeous mom and her beautiful family.

ChryssikosMaternity-12 copy ChryssikosMaternity-16 copy ChryssikosMaternity-23 copy ChryssikosMaternity-30 copyChryssikosMaternity-28 copyWelcome Nicholas!!ChryssikosNewborn-1 copy ChryssikosNewborn-4 copy ChryssikosNewborn-6 copy ChryssikosNewborn-30 copy ChryssikosNewborn-31 copy ChryssikosNewborn-32 copy ChryssikosNewborn-38 copy ChryssikosNewborn-40 copy ChryssikosNewborn-46 copyChryssikosNewborn-56 copy ChryssikosNewborn-58 copy ChryssikosNewborn-61 copy ChryssikosNewborn-70 copy ChryssikosNewborn-72 copy ChryssikosNewborn-73 copy ChryssikosNewborn-75 copy ChryssikosNewborn-77 copy ChryssikosNewborn-79 copy ChryssikosNewborn-80 copy ChryssikosNewborn-81 copy ChryssikosNewborn-82 copy ChryssikosNewborn-83 copyChryssikosNewborn-49 copy

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