Two boys and a Baby Girl On the Way

It will be hard to ever top this maternity session since it featured these two spirited brothers.  They were the good kind of wild and totally in love with their momma who is expecting a baby girl this time.  SQUEAL!!!!!!!!!

RM2_3632 copySLOWIK-MAT-32 copy SLOWIK-MAT-10 copySLOWIK-MAT-1 copySLOWIK-MAT-6 copy SLOWIK-MAT-7 copy SLOWIK-MAT-22 copySLOWIK-MAT-8 copySLOWIK-MAT-2 copySLOWIK-MAT-11 copy SLOWIK-MAT-12 copySLOWIK-MAT-13 copySLOWIK-MAT-17 copy SLOWIK-MAT-18 copySLOWIK-MAT-20 copy SLOWIK-MAT-21 copySLOWIK-MAT-23 copy SLOWIK-MAT-24 copySLOWIK-MAT-27 copySLOWIK-MAT-26 copySLOWIK-MAT-28 copy SLOWIK-MAT-29 copySLOWIK-MAT-34 copySLOWIK-MAT-36 copySLOWIK-MAT-31 copyOH MY, what an awesome family, right?  I’m looking forward to photographing this much anticipated baby girl once she arrives soon!!  Follow me here to see that session.

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