Toddler Twins and a Baby Too …

I love photographing families at home.  There’s always interesting backdrops and challenging lighting situations to tackle.  Coaxing kids into pretty light can be impossible so I always bring my light-stand just in case.  It’s also a good way to engage kids since they usually want to know more about how it works and why I am opening an umbrella indoors …  It’s a very good question!

Grewe-Breckman-4 copyGrewe-Breckman-12 copyGrewe-Breckman-16 copyGrewe-Breckman-21 copyGrewe-Breckman-26 copyGrewe-Breckman-32 copyGrewe-Breckman-35 copyGrewe-Breckman-40 copyGrewe-Breckman-46 copyGrewe-Breckman-52 copyGrewe-Breckman-66 copyGrewe-Breckman-68 copyGrewe-Breckman-86 copyGrewe-Breckman-87 copyGrewe-Breckman-90 copyGrewe-Breckman-108 copyGrewe-Breckman-113 copyGrewe-Breckman-117 copyGrewe-Breckman-119 copyGrewe-Breckman-123 copyGrewe-Breckman-149 copyGrewe-Breckman-158 copyGrewe-Breckman-169 copyGrewe-Breckman-172 copyGrewe-Breckman-175 copy

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