There’s a New Girl in Town

Baby Clare is here!!  Her parents patiently waited to meet her and they are so in love.  Before we know it she’ll be joining her mom at Christina Aguilera concerts singing along to all the words…

Newborn-Clare-2 copy Newborn-Clare-5 copy Newborn-Clare-8 copy Newborn-Clare-10 copy Newborn-Clare-14 copy Newborn-Clare-21 copyNewborn-Clare-24BW copy Newborn-Clare-34 copyNewborn-Clare-43 copy Newborn-Clare-47 copy Newborn-Clare-59 copyNewborn-Clare-60 copyNewborn-Clare-65 copy Newborn-Clare-68 copy Newborn-Clare-73 copy Newborn-Clare-74 copy Newborn-Clare-78 copyNewborn-Clare-84 copy Newborn-Clare-89 copy Newborn-Clare-91 copy Newborn-Clare-82 copyNewborn-Clare-111 copyBW copyRM2_8521BW copyRM2_8526-EditBW copy

And a look back at some of the maternity photos …

RM2_2333 copy 2RM2_2343 copy 2RM2_2350 copy 2RM2_2398 copy 2 RM2_2430 copy 2

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