The View + Choose Appointment

After your session we meet again for your View + Choose appointment.  This is when 3 exciting things happen!

1). I show you the beautiful images from your session!  2).  I show you product samples.  3). We discuss ideas about how to enjoy the images.

This meeting usually takes about an hour and it’s easiest if everyone who will be making decisions (both financial and artistic) is there.  I usually schedule these meetings during weekdays.

My husband, Steve, makes reclaimed barnwood frames and I also offer a full line of modern frames.  Sometimes clients aren’t interested in something for the wall though because maybe their house is too small, or it’s already decorated to the brim.  Usually these clients choose an album, which is an awesome choice too!

No matter what the situation is, I’m delighted to help my clients creatively enjoy the photographs from their session.  The View + Choose appointment is when I offer my honest opinion and show you some ideas.  There is no pressure to buy anything you don’t want or can’t afford, and there is no minimum purchase requirement.  I really want you to get something you’ll love.  Something that will become a family heirloom.