:: play date ::

Even though I’m not a new mom myself (I’ve had Chase Humphrey for 6 years now), I realized mid-way through last year how new moms could definitely benefit from meeting the other new moms I was meeting as clients through Origin Photo.  I finally had the chance to introduce some local new moms to each other, and it was so fun!  I hope to continue this and make it a regular thing!  I can only imagine how awesome it must be to connect with someone who knows the ups and downs of babies just as well as you do since they’re right in the middle of it too!


This sweet face will be gracing this blog again soon enough (i’m still trying to get caught up)!  Her and her French Bulldog brother, Butters, made for an incredible session last fall.  DSC_2584I might have to buy some actual toys since the tupperware got old fast.    DSC_2588

Baby Annie is growing SO FAST!  Remember her newborn session?  Feels like it was yesterday!  DSC_2589-EditDSC_2594-Edit

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