Photographs of What You Will Want to Remember

I’ll never forget this shoot because of this first shot ….


At the time of this shoot, Grant’s after-nap ritual was (maybe still is) to happily (and enthusiastically) jog from one end of his nursery to the other while swinging his arms.  It’s just his thing.

This morning when I was teaching my first Photography 101 Class for Moms (and Dads) I used this photo as an example of the importance of Photographing What You Will Want To Remember.  It’s these moments that I think will pull at this family’s heart strings when Grant is graduating from high school and heading off to college.  Is it the best photo ever?  No! But, it documents Grant in an important way that will always make his parents smile (I hope).

This awesome family was referred to me by another awesome family, which I am forever grateful for!  Look how much fun this little guy is …

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