Newborn Daphne

Daphne’s due date was Valentine’s Day!  How cool is that?  She was a little too excited to wait though, so she arrived a few days early on February 9th.  You want to know something else that’s really cool?  When wedding clients become newborn clients.  Congratulations, Beth and Ben!!!

DaphneDenenberg-3 copyDaphneDenenberg-3 copyDaphneDenenberg-7 copyDaphneDenenberg-11 copyDaphneDenenberg-15 copyDaphneDenenberg-36 copyDaphneDenenberg-43 copyDaphneDenenberg-14 copyDaphneDenenberg-59 copyDaphneDenenberg-66 copyDaphneDenenberg-68 copyDaphneDenenberg-72 copyDaphneDenenberg-74 copyDaphneDenenberg-78 copyDaphneDenenberg-100 copyDaphneDenenberg-79 copyDaphneDenenberg-96 copyDaphneDenenberg-102 copyDaphneDenenberg-107 copyDaphneDenenberg-109 copy

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