New Hope Engagement Portraits

If you follow my work at all you may have heard me talk about how important I think it is to get to know the people you photograph!  That’s why I love meeting with my couples before their wedding for the engagement portraits.  It’s such a fun and important way for us to click (haha!  Get it?  Click! .. sorry.) before the whirlwind of their wedding day.  I totally enjoyed every minute of working with this amazing couple ….

OriginPhoto-11OriginPhoto-1OriginPhoto-2OriginPhoto-5OriginPhoto-6OriginPhoto-20OriginPhoto-7OriginPhoto-10OriginPhoto-13OriginPhoto-12OriginPhoto-15OriginPhoto-16OriginPhoto-17OriginPhoto-18OriginPhoto-19OriginPhoto-21OriginPhoto-22OriginPhoto-23OriginPhoto-24OriginPhoto-25OriginPhoto-26Keep an eye out for their epic wedding coming soon!!

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