Nautical-Inspired Nursery & Handsome Newborn

Watching this new mom with her newborn made me want to cry happy tears.  Both Emily and John are so excited to welcome their baby boy and take on the adventure of parenthood together.  While also being very stylish!  Check out the gorgeous nautical-inspired nursery they whipped up together.  Congratulations Emily and John!!

Bowen-Newborn-5 copy Bowen-Newborn-6bw copy Bowen-Newborn-8bw copy Bowen-Newborn-11 copy Bowen-Newborn-15 copy Bowen-Newborn-24bw copyRM1_3934 copy Bowen-Newborn-47 copy Bowen-Newborn-48 copy Bowen-Newborn-55 copy Bowen-Newborn-57 copy Bowen-Newborn-58 copy Bowen-Newborn-59 copy Bowen-Newborn-60 copy Bowen-Newborn-61 copyBowen-Newborn-67bw copy Bowen-Newborn-68 copyBowen-Newborn-75 copyBowen-Newborn-93 copyBowen-Newborn-100 copyBowen-Newborn-107 copy Bowen-Newborn-106 copyBowen-Newborn-111 copy Bowen-Newborn-112 copy Bowen-Newborn-113 copy Bowen-Newborn-114 copyBowen-Newborn-95 copy

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