Labrador Puppies

Oh boy.  I recently photographed this litter of black lab puppies and it was absolutely amazing as you can imagine.   Check out their adorable, little baby lab features ….

Puppy-6-23-14-11 copy Puppy-6-23-14-23 copyPuppy-6-23-14-28 copyPuppy-6-23-14-16 copyPuppy-6-23-14-35 copyPuppy-6-23-14-30 copyPuppy-6-23-14-36 copy Puppy-6-23-14-37 copyPuppy-6-23-14-53 copy Puppy-6-23-14-55 copy Puppy-6-23-14-56 copy Puppy-6-23-14-58 copyPuppy-6-23-14-65 copyPuppy-6-23-14-67 copy Puppy-6-23-14-68 copy Puppy-6-23-14-69 copyAnd now I’m going to go snuggle Chase Humphrey (my black lab!).  🙂 🙂 🙂

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