Katie’s Beautiful Baby Bump

Katie’s due very soon!!  A few weeks ago when it wasn’t 70 degrees outside, we captured her beautiful baby-bump.  I remember thinking by the time you have this baby, Katie, we won’t have to scrap ice and snow off our cars anymore.  That thought seemed so far-fetched and yet, here we are!  Can’t wait to meet this baby.  🙂

RM1_7938 copyRM1_7685 copy RM1_7620 copyRM1_7649 copyIsn’t she gorgeous?  Her daughter, Sarah, inherited her beautiful eyes. 🙂  RM1_7650 copyRM1_7687 copyRM1_7777 copy

Sarah is pretty pumped to become a big sister!!RM1_7790-2 copy RM1_7794-2 copy RM1_7820 copy RM1_7917 copyRM1_7936 copyRM1_7924 copy

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