Kara + Pete

When you have a pup as cute as Bickley, then they quickly become the star of the shoot…

DSC_5938 copyDSC_5988 copy DSC_5999 copy DSC_6012-3 copy DSC_6031 copy DSC_6036 copyDSC_6052 copy DSC_5928 copyOK, now get ready for the cutest bow-tie wearing cat named Brennan you’ve ever seen.  Meow!DSC_6070 copy DSC_6108 copy DSC_6116 copy DSC_6120 copy DSC_6130 copy DSC_6139-2 copy DSC_6140 copyDSC_6192 copy DSC_6197 copy DSC_6214-2 copy DSC_6218-2 copy DSC_6225 copy DSC_6235 copy DSC_6250 copyDSC_6264-2 copy DSC_6285 copy DSC_6366 copyDSC_6374 copy DSC_6383 copy DSC_6389 copy DSC_6424-2 copyDSC_6476 copy

Congratulations Kara and Pete!  I love you guys.

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