James & Dara

My brother is getting married this summer!!!  Let’s take a look back to last June when I photographed them all around their Fishtown neighborhood as a newly engaged couple.  We’re so excited for Dara to become an official part of our family.  Way to go James!!

James+Dara-21 copy copy

James+Dara-21 copyJames+Dara-23 copyJames+Dara-49 copyJames+Dara-55 copyJames+Dara-59 copyJames+Dara-68 copyJames+Dara-71 copyJames+Dara-84 copyJames+Dara-92 copyJames+Dara-90 copyJames+Dara-94 copyJames+Dara-93 copyJames+Dara-97 copyJames+Dara-106 copyJames+Dara-110 copyJames+Dara-111 copyJames+Dara-114 copyJames+Dara-119 copyJames+Dara-125 copyJames+Dara-130 copyJames+Dara-131 copyJames+Dara-141 copyJames+Dara-142 copyJames+Dara-144 copyJames+Dara-149 copyJames+Dara-150 copyJames+Dara-156 copyJames+Dara-165 copyJames+Dara-166 copyJames+Dara-179 copyJames+Dara-182 copyJames+Dara-185 copyJames+Dara-190 copyJames+Dara-200 copyJames+Dara-205 copyJames+Dara-216 copyJames+Dara-223 copyJames+Dara-225 copyJames+Dara-229 copyJames+Dara-233 copyJames+Dara-240 copyJames+Dara-242 copyJames+Dara-246 copy

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