Hello, Baby Abigail Jo!

Could this family be cuter?  The answer is no way!!  I loved working with them so, so much.  Here are some photographs of them just before they welcomed their baby girl home and then a few more once she arrived.

Bonus cuteness: I had another budding photographer following me around during the session…

Roberts-Newborn-77 copyRoberts-Newborn-110 copyROBERTS-MAT-11 copyROBERTS-MAT-23 copy ROBERTS-MAT-27 copy ROBERTS-MAT-50 copy ROBERTS-MAT-12 copy ROBERTS-MAT-73 copy Roberts-Newborn-1BW copyRoberts-Newborn-102 copy Roberts-Newborn-5 copy Roberts-Newborn-7 copy Roberts-Newborn-108 copyRoberts-Newborn-12 copy Roberts-Newborn-13 copy Roberts-Newborn-27 copy Roberts-Newborn-32 copy Roberts-Newborn-101 copyRoberts-Newborn-35 copy Roberts-Newborn-38 copy Roberts-Newborn-49 copy Roberts-Newborn-58 copy Roberts-Newborn-61 copy Roberts-Newborn-64 copy Roberts-Newborn-66 copy Roberts-Newborn-70 copy Roberts-Newborn-72 copy Roberts-Newborn-75 copyRoberts-Newborn-88 copy

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