Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Thinking of my Irish grandfather, James Walsh, today.  He was a such a loving, kind and patient man.  This is a photograph of his brother, my Uncle Frank, who lives in Gort near Galway.  Uncle Frank has a contagious laugh.  I love this portrait of him because I feel like I can hear him laughing when I look at it!
europe-2012-3142 2

Looking back at these images from a 2012 trip to Dublin and Galway (and a few places in between) brings back some amazing memories.  I posted even more photos from that trip on my personal blog (which has sort of been replaced by my Instagram account).  europe-2012-2699europe-2012-2903europe-2012-3419europe-2012-3523europe-2012-4255

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!  Sláinte!

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