Colorful Arlo

With his colorful home as the perfect backdrop, 11 month-old Arlo really shined during his in-home family photography session!  I had a blast photographing this family and I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do!  The timing worked out well as I arrived juuust as the little one was waking from his morning nap…

RM2_8124RM2_7691RM2_7694RM2_7713RM2_7726RM1_5946RM2_7730RM1_5920RM2_7737RM1_6081-EditRM1_6075-EditRM1_6333RM2_7748RM2_7768RM2_7780-EditRM2_7914RM2_7801RM1_6044RM2_7840RM2_7899RM2_7897RM2_7939RM2_7948RM2_7962RM2_7964RM2_7972RM2_7976RM2_7986RM2_7993RM2_7951RM2_7994RM2_8002RM2_8003RM2_8005RM2_8015RM2_8051RM1_6194RM1_6280RM1_6271RM1_6252RM1_6157RM1_6183RM2_8058RM2_8066RM1_6202RM2_8099RM2_8105RM1_6316RM2_8117Check out the awesome store that this cool Mom, Tiffica, owns in Old City called Philadelphia Independents.  And thanks for looking at my work!!

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