Christmasy Things

While growing up, my parents (ok, it was all my dad really) made a BIG DEAL about Christmas.  My dad still makes a VERY BIG DEAL about Christmas and has fully engrained my total L-O-V-E for all things Christmasy.  He’s also taught me everything I know about exterior illumination.

Here are some recent personal photos of Steve, Chase and I doing Christmasy things… it’s the most wonderful time of year!RM1_3533 copyRM1_3542 copyRM1_3551 copy RM1_3558 copy RM1_3565 copy RM1_3567 copy RM1_3572 copy RM1_3582 copy RM1_3589 copyRM1_3601 copy RM1_3611 copyRM1_3647 copyRM1_4327 copy RM1_4332 copyRM1_4338 copy RM1_4342 copyRM1_4345 copyRM1_4353 copy RM1_4355 copyRM1_4363 copyRM1_4367 copy

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