Chestnut Hill’s Home and Garden Festival 2014

It was a rough start, but once the sun came out this year’s Home and Garden Fest was once again a smash hit!  Thanks to Steve who constructed the pallet wall to hang the barnwood frames and also to Chase Humphrey who drew people in to our tent with his adorable-ness.  Congratulations to all those who ran Broad Street on Sunday, too!  Happy Spring!!

photo (1) photo (2)Love n’ Fresh Flowers made this gorgeous bouquet, which attracted many flower-lovers.  Thanks, Jennie!

RM1_5416 RM1_5425RM1_5421Special thanks to intern Emily for helping out in the morning!!RM1_5440 RM1_5449 RM1_5450RM1_5454 RM1_5456RM1_5466RM1_5462

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