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Sophie the Dog

Sweet Sophie dog was a star for her in-home photography session.  Her ears stood at attention for almost every

Labrador Puppies

Oh boy.  I recently photographed this litter of black lab puppies and it was absolutely amazing as you can imagine.  

Yellow Labradors Who Will Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

Teddy and Henry are a couple of the best behaved dogs I’ve ever photographed!  Check out their sweet

Babies and Boxers

Keep scrolling to see some adorable boxers, too.  As if this newborn isn’t ADORABLE enough!!!  OMG.

Another newborn and her puppybrother!

To rebound off of yesterday’s post about bringing your baby home to your fur-child, I’d like to share Baby

How to Prepare your Dog for the Arrival of your Newborn Baby!?!

It’s pretty evident in my photography portfolio and in the way my Instragram feed consists mostly of my black

Try to keep a straight face while jumping on a trampoline. It’s impossible…

After we got some photos like this made and out of the way… We hit the trampoline… They forgot I was

Christmasy Things

While growing up, my parents (ok, it was all my dad really) made a BIG DEAL about Christmas.  My dad still makes a VERY

Danielle, Joe and Some Bubbalicious Boxers

I love these people (and dogs)!!!  And scroll down to see Danielle pull off a “serious face” even though

Yes! Bring the family dog!!

Another adorable family featuring another adorable dog.  It never gets old!  Pets have a way of bringing out truly

The Golden Hour in Ocean City, NJ with a Beautiful Family and Handsome Black Lab

I don’t even know what to say about this shoot…  the light, the family, the ocean, the BLACK LAB!