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Winter Maternity Session … Spring Newborn Session!

This Mama and I share a special bond since we were pregnant and due at similar times.  I photographed her while I was

Newborn Daphne

Daphne’s due date was Valentine’s Day!  How cool is that?  She was a little too excited to wait though, so

Newborn Rubie Mae

Rubie Mae is such a beauty!  This baby girl was very smiley during my time photographing the new family.  Her parents

Newborn Anaavi

This sweet family welcomed their gorgeous baby girl home earlier this winter.

Newborn Callum

These parents are pretty stoked to have such a perfect baby boy.  Introducing newborn Callum…

Nautical-Inspired Nursery & Handsome Newborn

Watching this new mom with her newborn made me want to cry happy tears.  Both Emily and John are so excited to welcome

Baby Matthew’s Birth Story

After about 2 straight weeks of thinking this momma was going to go into labor at any second, it was a pretty

Baby Xander

Aubrey and I went to grade school together, so it was extra special for me to spend some time with her just two weeks

There’s a New Girl in Town

Baby Clare is here!!  Her parents patiently waited to meet her and they are so in love.  Before we know it she’ll

Welcome Baby Connor!!

I love watching families grow.  This family recently welcomed a newborn baby boy in the midst of moving out of Center

This blue-eyed charmer had me at first giggle…

His family is so lucky to have him, and he’s so lucky to have them!  I could not get enough of this little guy!!

Family Photos before a Big Move

I had so much fun getting to know this family before they moved away to the West Coast.  Hopefully I’ll