Birth Photography Stories

I’ve been hooked on documenting births since I photographed my first in the spring of 2013.  They’re absolutely incredible.  Know that if you hire me to photograph your baby’s birth, I will cry so … thank goodness for autofocus.  Contact me for availability and more information.

Baby Matthew’s Birth Story

After about 2 straight weeks of thinking this momma was going to go into labor at any second, it was a pretty

Baby Simon’s Homebirth

I woke up chilly under the covers since we lost power the day before, and groggily reached for the lightswitch in the

Bradway Family’s Homebirth Story

Once again I had the absolute honor of documenting an incredible home birth!  This momma impressed me with her relaxed

Oliver’s Home Birth Story

At 4:15am two Friday mornings ago I awoke to the bingbing of a text message.  I quickly put on the clothes I had laid