Back to Babies

Even though I am always honored to photograph a wedding or a newly engaged couple, today’s blog post brings us back to my absolute favorite subject (drumroll please)… babies.  Especially when they’re this age, and this expressive…

RM1_4920-2 copyRM2_1903 copyRM2_1906 copy RM2_1918 copyRM2_1927 copy RM2_1937 copy RM2_1958 copyRM2_1984-2 copy RM2_1993 copy RM2_2019 copyRM1_4776 copy RM2_2062 copy RM2_2068 copy RM2_2083 copyRM1_4810 copyRM1_4834 copy RM2_2105 copyLepore-77 copyRM2_2166 copyRM2_2195-Edit copy

RM1_4869 copyRM1_4830 copyRM1_4861 copyRM1_4874 copyRM1_4888 copyRM1_4914-Edit copyRM1_4904-Edit copy

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