Ambler Family Photography Session

You can imagine my delight when a plane flew over head at the perfect moment and into my frame while I was photographing a landscape shot of this family at Prophecy Creek Park recently!  We aimed for light-filled natural backgrounds at the Park and then drove into downtown Ambler, PA (one of Philadelphia’s most adorable suburbs) for a few more textured backgrounds.  I love it when families trust me to find cool spaces to photograph them in!  And when airplanes fly into the frame at the perfect moment!!

RM1_6348RM1_6353RM1_6366RM2_8419RM1_6415RM1_6446RM1_6456RM2_8412RM2_8349RM1_6479RM1_6572RM1_6603RM1_6514RM1_6557RM1_6593RM2_8436RM2_8440I love this family (including Uncle George!)…

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